AN-94, Assault's sniper

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AN-94, Assault's sniper Empty AN-94, Assault's sniper

Post  Guest on Sat Aug 03, 2013 5:36 pm

As this is my favorite gun and how I have 7600+ kills with it, I believe this gun is a complete reflection of the players skill. The gun 2 shot burst feature which goes on the same spot that seems to look like single fire is the best and this gun should never be used any other way but burst. As some might say how it lacks in close combat it is more likely to win unlike the other long range rifles G3A3, Scar-L, L86 and the AK. This reason is because all I need to do is press the trigger twice and get two hit markers or once for a instant head shot kill like a semi auto sniper and considering how It can dish as many bullets as I can pull the trigger it isn't that hard to win a CQC fight. Now when it comes to long range it is able to snipe targets and is able to kill beyond 200+ meters... Mostly for counter sniping. Hitting moving targets can be proved hard since it is still a assault rifle. Its reload speed is average compared to every other assault rifle and better then average for a long range rifle. A bipod will allow you to hold a position or kill a hiding target from afar so fast that they wont have enough time to react. I chose the holo sight because it is still a assault rifle and prevent me from going tunnel vision like with a 4x scope the holo sight still allows me to have a bit magnification which makes it good for any range. Last I chose a heavy barrel for very long ranges, flash supp. for any range, and suppressor for close range. Now for the cons of this gun, its best feature can be its worst when it comes to hipfire... I tend to miss almost all my shots when I'm forced to hipfire due to the guns huge spread and burst nature for this reason I always aim down my sight even if the enemy is at my face. This gun rewards you for hitting the target but punishes you a lot by making you miss twice this isn't a issue if you don't miss a lot =).It's reload time has got me killed some times against the faster shooting guns for example if I manage to empty my clip at the same time as my enemy...the guy with the M16 has killed me a long time before I finished my reloading animation. This is why I recommend a powerful side arm like the G18, 93R, M1911 and MP REX. This gun obviously shines in counter sniping and long range combat while picking people off quickly and this gun is worthy to be the last unlock for the assault class.


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