Graphics/Fonts used for site

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Graphics/Fonts used for site

Post  ImToLegitToQuit on Wed Jan 30, 2013 11:36 pm

I used or made these when putting the site together. If you want to use these in messages or anywhere else, feel free. The more rep we get for DHC the better. Most of these are in .png or .jpeg and are transparent.

this is a font from called grunge. All of the buttons were made with this as well. I really liked it. for big text it's 69% paint coverage if you ever want it to match the logo. to get it small, readable, and trasparent for the buttons(quote,reply, etc.) took some work. I can give intructions to anyone that wants help using their site but it's pretty simple to get what you want. I also have all the playstation buttons and anything else from the site if you want to use it. just let me know.

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