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Post  ImToLegitToQuit on Sun Jan 27, 2013 10:49 pm

First of all I want to straighten up some rumors about this gun. this gun(as well as others) used to be glitched. you could use a suppressor and not get the damage and distance penalty. that is no longer true, but people still whine whenever it gets used against them. this is the default weapon for the US and can be unlocked for the other sides. it is the full auto version (the M16A4 is the 3 round burst version). this gun is above average for short range and unbeatable for mid range. it unfortunately starts to fall short in long range because of a lack of long range power.

there is a bit of vertical recoil, especially if you empty the clip but it is easily manageable. 3 to 5 round bursts are dead on up to about 40yds. 10 round bursts are accurate up to about 25yds. that's why this gun is fantastic for TDM or levels like Canals or Bazzar.

I typically run it with a Holo-holo sight, under slung rail (for M320) or bipod, and a flash suppressor or laser sight, depending on what type of game I'm playing. the flash suppressor really helps with the vertical recoil climb without affecting damage. This gun is still accurate at 100yds, I'd just recommend switching to single fire. therefore the heavy barrel is not needed. with this setup the gun is fast to get on target and easy to keep on target. I stick with 4 to 6 round burst and end up with a K/D of between 3 and 5 almost every time.

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M16A3 Empty Re: M16A3

Post  Guest on Sat Aug 03, 2013 4:14 pm

I suck with this gun, I don't know why... Considering how I do better with every other rifle.


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