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The MG36 is a DLC gun I think. I would pay for the DLC just for this gun and the maps would be a binus. Thats how much I like it. I cannot believe that it didn't get nerfed with the 1.06 patch. I just don't think it's used enough for word to get out on how good it is. It is the best gun for the "run and gun" support character, followed by the L86A2 (also DLC). It is clip fed so the reloads are faster than other LMGs. It is a drum more than a clip though so they are marginally faster. Without extended mag, you have 50 rounds, which is more than assault rifles and more than enough to take out 4 or more people before a reload. I use extended mag though and have 100 rounds, which is on par with the other LMGs. This is the most balanced LMG out of whats available I think. It is not the most powerful but it does have the most manageable recoil. This is one of the few if not the only LMG that is still on target after 10 round bursts. Ive got almost 8hrs with this gun and haven't changed a thing on it except for taking off the foregrip and going with a bipod instead so ther is not an accuracy penalty. This is my 3rd all time gun and it would be number 1 except i stoped using it for a few months while using L86A1. i recently went back and fell in love all over again. I took it into TDM yesterday and first time out got 12 kills before i died.


Extended mag

*use 3.4x or 4x scope and heavy barrel for long range*

+ magazine fed, shorter reloads
+ easiest recoil management for LMGs
+ easy to "run and gun" with
- magazine fed, reload more often than other LMGs
- dont get extended mag till 300 kills

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